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The Dreaming Buddha

Tree of Life Bracelet Negativity Bracelet Tree Agate Gemstone Yoga Bracelet Stackable Jewellery Chakra Gemini Birthstone 925 Silver Charm

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. Y O U R . T R E E . A G A T E . B R A C E L E T .

This beautiful bracelet is made up of A grade 8mm Tree Agate ( Dendritic Agate ) gemstone beads that naturally vary in colour from green to clear gray to white.
Decorated with: Silver spacer beads.
Finished with: A sterling silver Tree of Life charm.

Each bracelet I make is cleansed and charged with positive intentions before being sent to you x

. C H A K R A : Heart, Crown & Root
. Z O D I A C : Gemini

. H E A L I N G . P R O P E R T I E S .
. Patience . Composure . Protective . Security . Self Confidence . Strengthens Family Ties . Love . Postpartum Depression .

. A B O U T .
Tree Agate helps to overcome emotional boundaries and emotional strain. It overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart by healing anger, fostering courage and encouraging love. This stone is useful to have around during any kind of trauma. This stone encourages you to speak your own truth. A stone to stave away the baby blues.

. S I L V E R .
Silver invigorates other crystals.
Silver allows you to look into your heart to see who you really are.