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The Dreaming Buddha

Tooth Fairy Message Card, Tooth Fairy Wish Bracelet, Tooth Fairy Keepsake, Girls Lost Tooth Gift, Boys Tooth Fairy, Tooth Fairy Note

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This is a lovely little keepsake from the tooth fairy herself!

The little poem reads - While you lay sleeping I came in the night. Under your pillow lay a fabulous sight. Your wonderful tooth had finally come free. So I’ve left you this bracelet to remind you of me. Lots of love The Tooth Fairy x

The wish bracelet card is encased in a clear envelope filled with little sparkly stars.
The little wish bracelet is meant to be tied on and has no closure.

Each bracelet includes a rainbow or tooth charm with coloured cord.

The bracelet is mounted on recycled card and carefully wrapped in a clear cellophane sleeve. The whole package measures 11.5 cm by 9.5 cm.

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