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The Dreaming Buddha

Thyroid Bracelet, Underactive Overactive Thyroid Bracelet, Healing Thyroid Bracelet, Underactive Overactive Thyroid Bracelet, Healing Beaded Bracelet, Mookaite Dragon Blood Garnet Chrysocolla Bracelet

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 . Y O U R . B R A C E L E T .

This bracelet has been designed to help with thyroid disorders and the sometimes crippling fatigue that often accompanies such disorders. This bracelet is made from quality Dragon blood jasper, mookaite, garnet, chrysocolla and copper beads.

. Dragon blood jasper - green . Mookaite - multi coloured . Garnet - red . Chrysocolla - blue/green .

Each bracelet I make is handmade with love and then cleansed and charged with positive intentions before being sent to you x

. H E A L I N G . E N E R G Y .

. D r a g o n . B l o o d . J a s p e r .

Chakra - Heart

Dragons blood jasper enhances life force, strength and vitality.
An excellent stone to bring you the courage to carry on.
Helps to lift your spirits.
Calls forth the gentle strengths of love, forgiveness, and compassion to tame the inner dragon.

. M o o k a i t e .

Chakra - Root

Mookaite Jasper stones have been in use by the Australian Aboriginal people as a healing stone since before explorers arrived in Australia.
This stone is highly restorative for tissues and boosting the immune system and counter the effects of aging.
It supports proper fluid intake and balances mineral content within the body.
Mookaite carries an invigorating frequency of strength and vitality, and increases life force energy.
Mookaite may assist you when making decisions, and their vibration may help you to decide which path to take in life.

. G a r n e t .

Chakra - base and crown

Garnet is an wonderful stone to use to reduce toxins in the body and stimulate the metabolism.
This stone assists assimilation of minerals and vitamins, including iodine, calcium, magnesium, and Vitamins A, D, and E.
This stone will stimulate your desires and uplift your attitude.
Garnet strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope into those situations
This stone banishes insecurities and allows you to be happy with yourself.

. C h r y s o c o l l a .

Chakra - balances all chakras

Chrysocolla is wonderfully calming and sooths the mind and body in times of stress.
Chrysocolla helps to balance the thyroid and endocrine system.
This is a wonderful stone to help you be the best that you can be by drawing out doubt and supplying motivation.
A stone to alleviate guilt and bring joy.

. C o p p e r .

Copper helps with the effects of fatigue and exhaustion.
Copper will help the healing effect of any stone when both touch the body.

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