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The Dreaming Buddha

Solar System Necklace, Space Jewellery, Planet Beaded Necklace, Gemstone Galaxy Necklace, Astronomy Gift, Universe Necklace

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This necklace would make a wonderful gift for any astronomy fan.

I’ve designed this necklace with stones with colours that closely match the planets they represent. Each bead used, brings its own positive meaning to this bracelet.

The beads are strung on black satin nylon cord with a knot adjustment.

Mercury is represented by Larvikite and brings, protection and grounding.
Venus is represented by Moonstone and brings new beginnings.
Earth is represented by Chrysocolla and brings communication and energy to the heart chakra.
Mars is represented by Red Jasper and brings energy and stamina.
Jupiter is represented by Crazy Lace Agate and brings strength and healing.
Saturn is represented by Riverstone and brings acceptance and change.
Uranus is represented by Amazonite and dispels negative energy.
Neptune is represented by Chalcedony and brings inner calm and peace.

This necklace will be handmade to order using genuine, high quality crystal beads.
This bracelet is decorated with Tibetan silver stars, beads and ring for Saturn.

Perfect for gift giving this necklace will come exactly as you see it in the photographs, displayed on card with planet information on the reverse.