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The Dreaming Buddha

Happy Mothers Day Crystal Bracelet, Postal Gift For Mum, Personalised Gemstone Beaded Bracelet

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Happy Mothers Day Crystal Bracelet, Postal Gift For Mum, Personalised Gemstone Beaded Bracelet, Elasticated Gemstone Stretch Bracelet

The perfect gift for such a special person in your life, each of the beads chosen are full of wonderful healing energy, especially for mums.

Each unique bracelet is made from hand picked, genuine 8mm gemstone beads threaded onto quality elastic cord.

There is the option to have wording added to your bracelet with acrylic beads or the bracelet can be made up of just beads for you.

The wording options are:
Custom - Please leave a note with your order.

The bracelets are sized small, medium and large.

* The medium size will fit most wrist sizes unless your wrist on the smaller or larger side.

Your bracelet will be supplied with a Happy Mother’s Day backing card and both the card and bracelet will be enclosed in a lovely glassine envelope.

Each bracelet will include the following crystals:

Rose Quartz - universal love & positive energy.
Amethyst - protection, stress & good luck.
Green Jade - peace & purity.
Citrine - joy & abundance.
Fluorite - confidence & self love.
Angel Aura - peace & clarity.
Aquamarine - soothing, calming & relaxing.

Please note that all crystals are genuine and unique.
Each unique stone will vary in colour, size and shape.​​​​​​​​​​

This bracelet should be rolled on and off your wrist and should not be pulled or stretched when wearing.

Ensure this jewellery does not come into contact with liquids, lotions and perfumes.
This is adult jewellery and is not suitable for young children. ​​​​​​​
Please ensure that all children are supervised when wearing this jewellery.

Because of the small parts used, this bracelet should not be worn by children 0-4 years old. ​

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