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The Dreaming Buddha

Halloween Spell Wish Bracelet, Glow in the Dark Jewellery, Magical Halloween Kids Gift, Halloween Poem Card

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This Halloween spell wish bracelet is handmade in Lancashire England.
The home of the Pendle Witches!

The poem on this card was written by Natalie who works with me, I think it’s just wonderful!

The card reads:
Here is your very own Halloween spell.
Say it out loud, it works just as well.

A smelly trolls toe and the eye of a bat.
A little pixie dust and a meow from a cat.
Complete your spell with a tear from a swan
and use your spell before the magic is gone.

Put on your bracelet and make a wish but
Be careful not to turn yourself into a fish!

Your card will contain one wish bracelet with a charm, glow bead and adjustable cord.

Simply tie on your wrist and snip away the ends.

Charge the bracelet under a bright light for a spooky glow.

The bracelet is mounted on card, sprinkled with a little magic glitter and wrapped in a clear cellophane sleeve.

The whole package measures 11.5 cm by 9.5 cm.

* Please note that because of the small parts used this jewellery should not be worn by children 0-4 years old.
Please ensure that children are supervised when wearing this jewellery.