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The Dreaming Buddha

Evil Eye Ankle Bracelet, Nazar Anklet, Turkish Eye Anklet, Blue Greek Beaded Ankle Bracelet

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Anklet style

The Evil Eye works as a talisman, a way to gather all negative energies into the evil eye neutralizing them before they reach you.

Consider this anklet a shield from negativity.

Blue: The colour of evil eye protection. The traditional colour for good karma, positive energy and protection against the evil eye.

You will receive your Evil Eye anklet made with just acrylic beads or an anklet made with acrylic beads and 4 beach themed charms.
Please select your anklet from the drop down menu.
* Please note that the charms may differ slightly from those photographed.

Each anklet is made from 8mm acrylic beads strung on quality stretch cord.
The anklet is sized to fit the average female ankle.

If you would prefer a smaller or larger size, please get in touch so we can help.

* Because of the small parts used this jewellery should not be worn by children 0-4 years old.
Please ensure that all children are supervised when wearing this jewellery.

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