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The Dreaming Buddha

Crystal Easter Greeting Card For Egg Hunt Easter Gifts For Kids Happy Easter Crystal Mushroom Unique Gift

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These crystal mushroom Easter gift cards are perfect for egg hunts and Easter get togethers. They are lovely little gifts for budding crystal lovers.

Designed, printed and prepared by us here at The Dreaming Buddha, each card features a handpicked carved crystal mushroom.

Each backing card is made from quality card stock and each card is cut and finished by hand.

The front of the card reads - Happy Easter

The rear of the card contains a little stand that displays the qualities of your selected mushroom.
The stand can be opened up to keep the card upright when on display.

All our little mushrooms measure just over 2cm tall.

The crystal mushrooms we use are genuine and sourced from around the globe.

As all our crystals are natural in nature the crystal you receive may differ from the crystal shown in the main card photo.
Many crystals can have a very wide range of colours and may differ from those photographed as examples.

We source only the best quality crystals and will pick out only the nicest little mushrooms that we know you will love.

Please select the crystal you would like from the drop down menu.
Please select from -

I will help you feel calm and relaxed.

Green Aventurine
I am the stone of luck and opportunity.

I am the stone of magic and mystery.

Rose Quartz
I am the stone of love and kindness.

I will bring you inner peace and confidence.


Due to the size of these crystals they should not be given to small children under the age of 5 years old.

Crystal should be used for spiritual support and should not replace proper medical care or prescription medications.

* We are a small business and our unique creations take many, many hours to dream up, create, photograph and list.
Please don’t copy our things, we defend our brand and products fearlessly.

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No part of the content, image(s), product(s), name(s), and design(s) may be used without permission.


Each gift card will be shipped in boxed outer packaging to keep the contents safe.

The card and outer box packaging can be recycled.
The clear outer packaging used to protect your card is biodegradable but not compostable.