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The Dreaming Buddha

Tigers Eye Tumblestone Pet, Confidence Crystal Pocket Stone

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This little range was created because of my daughter. She was feeling a little anxious about returning to school so I created a little gift for her to carry in her pocket so she wouldn’t feel alone. She loved it so much we created more and now there’s a whole little family of them!

This cute little Tumblestone Pet lives in its little matchbox but can be carried in a pocket or bag or sit upon a desk or table.

This little Tumblestone has hand painted enamel eyes and button nose.
This little Tigers Eye stone is the stone of protection, strength, confidence and good luck.

The outer box measures 6.7 x 4.8 x 2 cm and each tumblestone will measure between 2 and 4cm. Each tumblestone is unique so you will receive a unique little pet of your own.

There are lots of pets to choose from and make perfect gifts for when you are thinking of someone that could do with a little friend.

A great alternative to the traditional greeting card and a perfect way of telling someone how you feel, this little gift is sure to delight and bring a smile to the recipients face.