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The Dreaming Buddha

Blue Evil Eye Hanging Amulet, Imperfect, Flawed, Handmade Nazar, Glass Evil Eye Decor, Protection For Home,

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This Fabulously Flawed amulet is a wonderful way to use a not so perfect glass evil eye pendant.

As each pendant is handmade some have more natural flaws than others.
I hate waste, so decided to make the fabulously flawed ones into hanging amulets. You can hang them anywhere for good luck. in your car, on your door knobs, in your garden, keep them in your pocket or bag.

* Please note that these amulets are made with imperfect glass evil eye pendants.
Each pendant is different but will have flaws such as bad placement, running colours, colour spots, colour migration etc.
Please view all of the photos to give you an idea of the pendant you may receive.

The glass pendant measures approximately 3cm in diameter and is made from layered glass to form the eye.
Every piece is hand made and each unique, with its own appearance, shape and as you can see, imperfections.

The eye is threaded onto waxed cotton cord and the colour will be selected at random. If there is a colour you would like, please send me a message and I’ll pop your colour in for you.

The package measures approx 11.5 cm by 9.5 cm.